#TBT or Not To Be… That tis the Question?!?!

Stay Pretty, Be Educated, Dress Well, and Be Nice!” These words have echoed throughout my childhood and adulthood by the lovely women in my family, but none yelled it more loudly than my beloved late grandmother Lorraine. It seems though that in a time of #THOTS and “Trap Queens,” these classic, traditional ways of being a “lady” doesn’t seem relevant anymore. Sadly it’s actually becoming quite harder to defend why I’d rather NOT “sext” a guy, put out or kiss on the first date, or be seen as “thirsty” for likes/follows on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  by posting nude pics / twerk videos. 

Ohhh how I long for the true #ThrowbackDays of when the opposite sex weren’t neanderthals like today, but they were gentlemen! Just like my late grandfather, they had class, dressed stylishly, promoted chivalry and above all, respected women all while seeking that perfect “lady” to bring home to mama. I’m not saying there aren’t still some “gentlemen” around, but let’s be honest– they’re a dying species! Studies show that behavior is taught from childbirth and the lessons we learn can extend all the way into our adult life  So many of the boys of yesteryear & today aren’t being raised by the generation of “Baby-Boomers” like my generation and the generations before me. Instead, they’re being raised by men and women who still are frankly considered “boys and girls” themselves– a la Teen Mom. Please don’t misinterpret as I’m bashing teen moms/dads, because I’m not. I’m simply pointing out a change in our society and how there’s a large generational gap which as a result, has impacted how people think and interact with one another. Nowadays, there aren’t many great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers around to teach the youth about how to carry themselves with the do’s and dont’s of life. I grew up in an era where hopscotch and double dutch was the Wii / X-Box of today; where terms like YOLO meant you’d sneak and try to stay out past your curfew on a school night, and where we NEVER would’ve been so boldly open about juvenile behaviors like today’s youth for we feared the Wrath of the gods known as– Our Parents. 

All jokes aside, I say all this to encourage those young girls and women out there who are just like me. Do not bend or change who you are because society says it’s not cool anymore to be a LADY– for I’ve learned that cool is just like a chameleon, it changes colors with each passerby. Like all trends, this “new generation of Sexed Up & Weeded Out” style will soon grown old and dull. Just as those wonderful women in my family told me many times growing up, “Be a Leader not a Follower! Keep it classy, stay pretty, be educated, always dress well, be nice, know your worth and above all, know that you are beautiful! Trust and believe that the guy of your dreams will find you; just be patient!”

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