Fabulously Embracing The Inner You!

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is all the buzz this week. She has recently decided to come out, embracing the inner her that she so desperately wanted to be. By posing for Vanity Fair magazine, she’s clearly showing everyone that she’s finally out and wants the world to know– cue Diana Ross and The Supremes. I totally applaud anyone who decides to break away from the “norm” of society and venture out into the world as whoever they want to be. My only hiccup,  I think that instead of glorifying Caitlyn for her life-changing revelation, let’s show support and recognition to those individuals out here, who aren’t celebrities, that have decided to make that same change. Those are the ones who have to deal with life everyday and people everyday, not celebrities. Celebrities hide behind their money, other celebrities and lavish lifestyles. They don’t have to encounter communal judgement and possible discrimination by people on a daily basis like the average LGBT person. So kudos to all the Caitlyn’s and Bruce’s of the world! You are all beautiful, special and deserve happiness. No matter what anybody says, shine on and be YOU-nique! 

Photo Cred: Vanity Fair Magazine

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