The Fabulous Lessons of Life…

As I’m moving into my next phase of life, I’ve spent many days and nights thinking about the changes that have occurred within the last year. I lost both my grandparents {who practically raised me as their own daughter}, I’ve lost family members, friends, love, money and I almost lost my mind… Yet I’m still standing. Though some days are much harder than others, I’m reminded to SMILE because I may be wounded but I’m not broken. I’m still blessed thanks to the grace & mercy of God. My advice to you reading this, whatever you’re going through, just know that trouble don’t last always. Everything happens for a reason and people are only in your life for a purpose. Whether good or bad, don’t mess up your pretty face with tears of hurt and pain. Brighten your spirits and vibes with a SMILE and embrace the ride. Like all storms, it’ll be over sooner than you think!

Peace & Love,
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