The Fabulous Lessons of Life…

You ever wake up and have an epiphany of “Fuck it!?” Well that’s exactly what happened to me when I woke up this morning {cue Beyonce’s “I woke up like this”}. All jokes aside, I was actually on the cusp of this epiphany for over a year now, but it took the events of this summer for it to fully come into fruition. The last couple years, I’ve spent so much time and energy trying to be perfect, accepted, fit in and get everybody to like me, especially in this “entertainment/fashion industry,” that I’ve come to a point in my life where I just don’t care anymore. I’m deciding to adapt my old philosophy: Hate me or love me, as long as you respect me. I’m done allowing bullies to drive me rabid by trying to get me to be something that I’m not. If you can’t accept me for the unique individual whom God created me to be, then kick rocks!! So what led up to this you may ask? Well not to drag out a long story….

This summer, I was in Los Angeles, CA with the intent to relocate there. But I found out very fast that “LA Don’t Love You!” Ironically enough, I was given a t-shirt years ago that I received from someone who recently proved this saying true. Not that I was expecting to be loved by all, but what I got wasn’t at all what I had in mind either. My recent experiences were a hard pill to swallow and would take several posts just to get it all out. 

To sum things up, I’ve been lied on, talked about, hated, despised, disowned and thrown shade left and right from pretty much everyone. All these things happened because I was different. I’m not like the typical Hollywood seeking wannabe who’s going to kiss ass, fake sincerity and authenticity, be shady nor “play the Hollywood game.” I am an individual who likes to lead the pack, not follow the pack and because of that great part of me, I was given jeers of disgust and attitude.  Even though I was constantly around all the Who’s Who of the Black Entertainment industry {as seen on my IG page}, my success became non-existent all because I didn’t want to take part in their ways. 

I must say it definitely sucks to be ridiculed for being the very thing that makes me not only an individual, but also unique. It’s one thing to deal with bullying and pettiness as a child but to be an adult and have to still deal with it is ridiculous. I have no care to concern myself with gossip of what’s going on with others, who’s sleeping with who, who has, did or said what, nor how I can be the next faux fame whore on Instagram or YouTube if I just do things your way and stop being myself. I’m just not interested in the phony fakery that is the LA “IT” crowd!!! If getting to the top means that I have to change everything that makes me unique, then I have no desires to sip that cup of tea. I’d rather be successful on my own terms and not by tearing down another human being just to get ahead. 

With that being said, it wasn’t all bad. I did meet some people who seemed to have genuine humble, kind, happy personas. Plus, I got to enjoy the bright but hot California skyline, the beaches, the lovely palm trees and have some laughs and good food. So at the end of the rocky yellow brick road splattered with red carpet, I’ve learned some hard but valuable lessons. At the end and start of the day, I only have me, myself and I. I can’t worry about pleasing anyone but myself and as long as I stay true to Me, I will never be disappointed! So let’s now have a moment of silence…

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