I’m an Idealist, Deal with It!

I’m an Idealist. I have a philosophical mind. I’m a religious critical thinker. I’m always seeking deeper meaning about myself and life. I love all things romantic and pink {obviously}. I’m friendly and pride myself on being trustworthy, kindhearted and loving. I am silly, quirky, like things to be “perfect” {especially if I’m hosting a tea-party or creating something fabulous for a client}, glamorously loud and the cheerleading ambassador of the #TeamExtra! Club and interesting enough, most people consider me to be funny {though I don’t know where they get that idea from}. Any who, back to me LOL!.. I trust my own intuition. I enjoy interacting with people and building authentic meaningful relationships. I totally adore learning. I love to ask questions and I never take anything presented to me as face value. I believe that in order to learn we must question EVERYTHING!!!

How can we truly understand something if we don’t question not only its pure existence, but it’s possible endless potential to develop or blossom into something unexpected, organic and probably beautiful? How can we change the world if we aren’t willing to acknowledge, accept and grow with the people who inhabit it? I’ve never been one to see things as just simply “black or white.” I’ve always adored color– in my wardrobe and in my imagination. I live, breathe, think in color and its endless possibilities to become something more. 

My colorful imagination and never-ending questions of life, this world and everything in it has always been a wonderful talent to me; but has unfortunately left me viewed as an “odd ball” or “weirdo” by most people, including some members of my own family. But at this point in my life, I’ve learned to accept what I cannot change about my natural genetic buildup known as my unique personality. I enjoy asking questions because it opens the door to learning. Whether it is something new to discover or something that I previously learned and found new meaning to it. I believe that we process things in different ways depending on the status and stage of our life. Sometimes we may not be mentally mature to handle certain specifics of a teachable moment and other times we may not be open to listening & understanding it due to life’s distractibly-busy moments. However, upon re-evaluation of the concept, idea or situation at a later time, it can develop into an endless variation of amazingly- interesting results. 

I say all this to say, we should all question everything! My philosophy: ignorance is NOT bliss. Never stop learning. Never stop mentally growing. Never stop trying to be the best YOU that you can be. Never stop being YOU-nique. Never stop asking questions. For the moment we stop asking questions, is the moment we cease to exist! 

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