It’s a #FABLife Darlings, so Stop Apologizing!!!

So I may be the last to know that my girl Tyra got a new show. But if you’re like me and was missing in action, into your own radar and not focusing on the latest pop-tea, then you too have missed FABLife. It’s a new talk show starring Style-Chief-in-Charge Supermodel Extraordinaire Tyra Banks, Model Chrissy Teigen, DIY expert Leah Ashley, fashion insider Joe Zee, and Interior Designer Lauren Makk. It’s a part of the latest trend of youthful driven talk shows focusing on bringing a good blend of fashion, lifestyle, home decor and food to your daily television screens. Already, I am so loving this show!

On this latest episode, Tyra “taught” a class about the words, “I’m Sorry!” It was about teaching women to stop apologizing for everything. Her top 4 lists of absolute no-no’s:

1) The Bump {i.e. When you walk pass someone and they bump into you.

2) Service {i.e. When you’re dining out at a restaurant & you have a problem with your order.}
3)Accountability {i.e. When someone tells you THEY will do something for YOU & THEY don’t come through.}
4)Opinion {i.e. When you have an idea at work for a project and you want to speak up about it.

Speaking from my own experience, I’ve learned to stop apologizing about a year or so ago after I noticed myself being the only one to apologize for my actions. Whether someone had wronged me in some way, had hurt my feelings, had lied to me or not kept their word on something, I was always the one to apologize. Until I woke up and thought, Why Am I Always Apologizing? Yes people say that you should be the bigger person; but when is it their turn to be the bigger person? Why do I always have to step up to the plate? Maybe today I don’t want to give you a pass on MY feelings, it’s time for you to be ACCOUNTABLE for YOUR own actions… NOW, if I react CRA-ZY to your actions then so be it {LOL Just kidding!}

Seriously though, for quite some time now, I have been in a state of mind of putting myself first and have made it a point to not apologize for it. No longer will I apologize for how I feel! No longer will I apologize for your wrong doing. No longer will I apologize for speaking up, having an opinion, nor standing up for what’s right. No longer will I apologize for my own needs, wants and desires! No longer will I apologize for wanting to follow my own dreams!  

I, personally, don’t even like apologies being given to me. I am a firm believer in if you said it, you meant it, so let’s deal with it and move on. Let’s not insult each other’s intelligence by faking the funk and adding an apology as an after thought. Now I understand that most don’t share my belief and that’s fine. We are all entitled to our own OPINIONS! I acknowledge that some people need an apology, but let’s think for a minute about why you feel the need for the apology. Does it change what the person said? Can the wrong magically erase what you just heard or felt? Does the person giving the apology really mean it? And if so, does it truly change how they feel on the inside? When you start thinking about “apologies” in that aspect, you see that it’s rather unnecessary to give, allow or except an apology. #FoodForThought

Along with Ms. Banks, I challenge you reading this to STOP APOLOGIZING! Just own up to your misdeeds / mistakes by admitting to them, but do not apologize for them, especially if you had/have an opinion on something. To give an example: If you told your friend you would do something for them and then you went back on your word. Instead of apologizing for missing the mark, just acknowledge that you didn’t want to, forgot to, or couldn’t do it and acknowledge that your actions caused your friend to feel some kind of way about it. By acknowledging that, you take ownership of it. You can’t apologize for what’s been done, or rather in this case hasn’t been done; however, you can simply just own up to your schtick, move on and just try your best to not do it again. 

#That’sItInANutshell Darlings! 

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