From One Broken Heart to Another… Calling All Souls!

I miss my mother! Yesterday was All Souls Day and I couldn’t help but cry and reminisce about the days and times we had together. Though it’s been a year since her passing, each day doesn’t get any easier in dealing with the lost. She was my best friend, my travel companion, my confidant, my biggest supporter and cheerleader. She never judged me, never mistreated me, always had my back and supported my dreams no matter how big or small. She truly loved me unconditionally & without fault. They don’t make people like her anymore! Now that she’s gone, I’ve realized just how cold the world is and how lonely my path will be without her laughter, smile, jokes and anecdotes to guide my days. Growing up, we tend to think the ones we love and hold dear to our hearts will live on forever… Or at least long
enough to see us get married and have children. For some people, the latter works out, but for me that wasn’t the case. She’ll never get to see me walk down the aisle. She’ll never get to see the birth of my first child. She’ll never get to see me truly blossom into the beautiful, successful butterfly she always envisioned me to be. If there’s anyone out there going through grief, know that you’re not alone. No one will ever understand how much that person meant to you. No one will ever understand how long your grieving process will be. And that’s ok. They’re not supposed to. It’s your journey and burden to bear. So cry as long as you need to. Look at old photos & videos as much as you want to. Drown out the naysayers who feel like you should “move on” at their pace. Just because they’ve moved on, or don’t grieve like you grieve, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Everyone goes through their own process at a different pace. For some, like myself, it’s longer than others. And that’s ok. I had 27 years of daily chatter on the phone, her constant comfort and compassion, undying love, support, kindness and friendship from her. It’ll take a bit longer than a year to just move on and let that go without shedding a tear. We who grieve just have to try our best to hold onto to faith that it’ll get better. Time heals all wounds and though the days seem long and the world seems much colder without that person’s warm hug to hold you, just believe that your heart will eventually mend. It just takes time! 

With Love from A broken heart,
Andrea Gees

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