Season Greetings!

Fall is here and Winter is coming (cue the Game of Thrones theme song)! With the busyness of the season, I’ve been so overwhelmed with holiday chaos and the unfortunate heavy grief of missing loved ones that this season can bring. During this time of year when families are gathering to decorate and celebrate the seasons tithings, I’m left trying to cope with a broken heart. I find it always hard to deal with death, but it becomes even more of a burden when the holidays come around. But through my deep longing for my deceased beloved grandmother, I try to push through and keep a smile on my face by staying busy, keeping good positive people and energy around and by looking towards the future. It’s not easy and some days are harder than others, but I know that if she was here, she wouldn’t want me to keep a frown on my face and constantly mope around in my depression. She would encourage me to have fun, go out, travel, live and above all, smile! So while it hurts and some days seem long and dreary without her warm loving voice and smile near, I will honor her wishes by continuing to push through the pain and live my life with big smiles, fun times and good vibes! 

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