My Fab Fav Vegan Hotspots: Soy Cafe

I’ve been a vegan for about 3 years now, but have been vegetarian a lot longer! To add insult to injury (LOL☺️ just kidding, I love it), I was diagnosed with a sensitivity to gluten back in 2012. Sooo aside from looking out for the animals of the world, I was tasked with the mission of looking out for my own self and body. Though I’ve always ate healthy and organic, I now had to be cautious of what I consumed, used, cooked, washed and bathed with (since gluten is in almost everything now-a-days). 

So because of my newly found health conscientious mind, body and soul, I redeveloped a love for cooking. Rarely do I venture out to another’s kitchen, but when I do decide to step out of the confines of my own kitchen to explore what other chefs have to offer, one of my favorite places to go to is the Soy Cafe, located in my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soy Cafe has everything a vegan/vegetarian misses about eating sandwiches — a meat
substitute. Though veggies can be mashed, smashed and puréed to give the illusion of lunch meat, there’s nothing like dining on something that your eyes can clearly see and that your mouth can chew and enjoy without fear of what creature was harmed to make it. And I love tofu like the next, but sometimes my eclectic tastebuds desire something more. Now I know many of my fellow vegans, vegetarians and animal lovers would disagree with my opinions about living the plant based lifestyle, but I refuse to give false hope and misinformation to people who may want to try this diet / journey that I’ve come to love and appreciate. 

But more on that for another time…

Back to The Soy Cafe, this is my go to spot for a yummy, quick and quintessentially healthy smoothie and sandwich break. My absolute favorite things on the menu: Hello Sunshine smoothie, The Heavenly Wrap (made with rice paper), The Gluten free Everything Bagel with Vegan ham, avocado, spring mix veggies, soy cheese and their famous maple mustard sauce. It’s Soooo McYumsters ~ I’m licking my lips now just thinking about it😋!!! Along with sandwiches and smoothies, there’s other things this adorable hipster place offers like wraps, salads, gluten free waffles, muffins, donuts, bagels, oatmeal and more. If you’re in the area, or visiting, I strongly urge you to try this place for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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