Note To Self…

You can’t make people like you, be nice to you, nor treat you kindly because not everyone has the same mind, good heart & beautiful spirit as you! All you can do is continue to be you & ignore the evil, mean-spirited people that try to project their hate & ill intentions onto you! 

No, it’s not right for them to be that way & act so nasty towards you; however you don’t have to accept it either. Regardless of their feelings, you can remove yourself from that tainted space. That’s Why They Call It “Hell On Earth!” 

However, if you apply the same principles as God & kick those demons who don’t belong in your life out of your Heavenly Space,  then you will find peace.  Only allow people into your life who will provide an abundance of positive energy, love, prayer and blessings your way! Only make room for those who pray for you, love you and accept you for the uniquely beautiful, free-spirit that you are! 

Always continue to pray for those who are mean to you. It’s not your fault that they have never experienced someone so genuinely warm, kind, loving and welcoming as you. Just keep asking God to show you more of those people who you need to let go of. 

A new year is coming! It’s time to rid yourself of the clutter that tries to block your peaceful aura. Don’t even bother feeling bad about letting people go. It’s what God needs you to do in order to take you to your next phase in life! Just know you’re making room for those people who are for you and for more blessings to come your way! 


(IG: @AndreaGees)

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