When Thinking Becomes a Thought

There are times when I wish I wasn’t a Thinker. I’d live freely without thought of consequences. I’d make decisions easily without thought of it being the best or smartest one to make. I’d never stop to think about the past and I’d never burden myself with the “should’ve-could’ve-would’ve” of things I’ve done. Yup, being a Thinker isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be!

However, thinking about it from a Devil’s Advocate perspective, being a Thinker doesn’t always have flaws, it also has its benefits too. When you’re a Thinker, you think of things to create, you think about ways to change the world, ways to improve yourself and any situation life throws at you, ways to be more effective & efficient in business, ways to impact the community around you and ways to make yourself happy by thinking about how to create the life you desire.  

The downfall about Thinkers is that sometimes we tend to “Over-Think.” I can unhappily-happily say I am one of those people. Not only do I think, but I analyze, rethink, restructure what it is I’m thinking so that I may think about it in a different light. 

Lord knows how much I wish my brain would just shut down sometimes. 
It’s not that I don’t necessarily want to think, I’d rather the thinking came more on a timer than 24/7. I wish I could turn my brain off but I just don’t know how… or I think I don’t know how… Let me think about that for a moment!…

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