Learn To Let Go…

This lesson has been one of many lessons I’ve had to repeat one too many times. I’ve always been a person who valued people and wanted everyone to be at peace with me. I would hold on to people who needed to be let go of and I would try so hard to make the people in my life like me, love me, and respect me. Yet, time after time, I would be so hurt when I was overlooked, ignored, rejected and unappreciated by others. 

It’s through the grace of God, and the last couple of years of me going through my own wilderness, that I’ve started to learn to love, accept, appreciate and choose myself first! To hell with those who don’t catch my drift, for it’s not meant for them. I’m learning to let sleeping dogs lie and move about my life seeking inner peace. 

All I can do is focus on myself and how I can make my dreams come true. By putting all my energy back into me, I believe the universe will align and everything will fall into place. Anything or anyone else is just an unneeded distraction. I must stay focused and remain on my journey to becoming a better version of myself. 


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