The Beauty That Surrounds A Fall Baby & Why Winter Needs A Reality Check…

Winter weather is just not my thing. Back when I was younger, I looked forward to the possibilities of a “Snow Day!” It meant no school and I could stay at home, in my nice, warm bed. I didn’t have to worry about the perils of shoveling, cleaning my car off nor driving anywhere in the snow. I could just turn on my favorite cartoons with a cup of warm, yummy, chocolate-y hot cocoa. Yup those were the good old days! 

Aside from being off from school, I’ve never been into the Winter Season. I was born in the heart of the Fall / Autumn Season; so as a result, I genuinely prefer slightly warmer temperatures than what mean old Man Winter likes to serve up. 

I’m sooo ready to find a place that’s Fall Weather all the time. I think my dog and I would be rather happy to not have to deal with the freezing, bitter cold that winter provides. Although he sometimes enjoys rolling around in the snow; I, on the other hand, do not! 

But I’d want to move to a place that’s really, well, true Autumn. Not this new day age of “Fall Weather” where the temperatures are around 30 and 40 degrees. Reminiscent of my childhood, I want that old thing back when the Fall Temperatures used to range from 50 – 70 degrees and lasted between the months of September to late November. Nowadays, the seasons are blurred and Autumn goes from mid-September to early October. It seems that by the time my birthday rolls around, it’s freezing cold and I’m pulling out my Winter layers and fur/faux fur coats, scarfs and hats. It’s quite sad how much the climate has changed. 

I miss the trees shedding its bark and the leaves changing colors as they fall to the ground. I miss the sweet sound of crackle when you walk through the grass. I miss the warm midday breeze and the slight cool down that the evenings would bring. I miss the smell of pumpkin and sweet potato pies. I miss celebrating Halloween for the full months of September and October rather than partially seeing advertisement for both Thanksgiving’s Black Friday Sales and Christmas Holiday Blowouts. 

Needless to say, I really, REALLY want that old thang back! Maybe someday the world will get to the point of decreasing the need to build and pollute the air and water. Maybe then, nature can heal itself from the damages of human development. Maybe then, that old thang will somehow be able to return and the world can get back to a time of peace, clean air, food, family, love and prosperity rather than what it’s become today – A Cold World! 

~ #TheRealAndreaGees (Instagram: @AndreaGees)

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