Lessons In Life: It’s NOT The Journey That’s More Important, Rather How You Handle It!..

Many things happen to each of us. It’s not what happened that’s more important; it’s how we’ve reacted and overcame what happened that is important! I’ve been through so much in my short life. 

These years of my 20’s have been the toughest years of my life! I’ve had four deaths in the last four years, two of which included both my paternal grandparents whom I loved dearly, was SUPER close to and raised by, I went bankrupt, lost my mind, was overcome with grief & depression, tried to commit suicide, was lied on, disrespected, cheated and humiliated by people I thought had my back, was left abandoned & homeless with nowhere to go by family, I just had my lowest moments in life!!!

I didn’t, couldn’t see a way out! I just wanted to end it all. Die in my sleep and hopefully pass onto glory seeing my grandmother’s face and embrace one last time. But I didn’t die! Nor did I understand why I was still alive! However, a spirit spoke to me and said it’s not my time. 

I have a story to tell, so until I complete that book, my job is not complete. Ironic how I used to think my only purpose in life was to take care of my late grandmother. Clearly, God had more plans for me than that. 

I fought it for awhile – this writing thing. Granted, I’ve always loved the English language, enjoyed writing poetry, songs, journals, and blogging for fun; however, never did I imagine anyone else reading my work and trying to make it into a career. Guess that’s why they say God’s plan is not our plan. 

So I’ll keep being obedient and trust in His word / works for me. I have no clue where this will go nor when, but He keeps sending me amazing stories & fantasy tales to tell. So along with my own tale, I’ll continue to write what he puts in my mind until the day they can be shared with the world. 

~ #TheRealAndreaGees 

(Instagram: @AndreaGees)

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