A Poem For A Classic Beauty: A Grandmother’s Love…

Dear Grandma, you really meant a lot to me, much more than words can tell. You were always warm and understanding, such a rare treasure I knew so well. 

It’s no wonder I felt so secure, whenever I was with you. You taught me your ways, spunk, fabulous flare and how to properly rock a mean hair do’. 

I’d put my lipstick on and you’d impatiently wait to check it out. But Since you’ve been gone, there’s been many days when all I wanted to do was cry, scream and shout. 

It’s such a shame you are no longer living here and near. But I’ll continue to go on, reminded by the times when the love we shared was so pure, true and dear. 

I can’t wait until that day comes when I get to share them again with you. Thank God for gifting me to you and you to me too! 

I miss you always and will forever be your grandbaby. With love, Rest In Peace my sweet, pretty lady! 

~ #A.G.Rogers 


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