How To Love Yourself First: Lesson #1 – Don’t Chase Dead People…

Lesson #1: Stop chasing dead people! One of the many lessons I learned about love is that if it’s real, it takes no struggle. When there’s a lack of effort, that means it’s not meant to be. 

We as women try so hard to hold onto dead things. Then we’ll pray for God to show us the way & enlighten our hearts. Yet when he shows us this is not the man / person we need to be with, we’ll fight his guidance and make excuses for it. 

No matter how hard you try, ladies, a man will not change for you. He has to want to change for himself! Stop giving life to dead people! 

If you’re single, like me, don’t chase a man either! If he doesn’t openly, willingly & aggressively seek you out, then guess what my dear, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU! 

Harsh reality for some I know, but wouldn’t you rather have a man who genuinely gives you his all without you even asking for it! I know I would. Now sip on that tea. 



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