When Your Day Doesn’t Go According To Your Plan…

Today might not had been as productive as I would’ve liked. I slept all day long after being up all night. I would’ve liked to had ran some errands today, linked up with friends, met some new people and most importantly, spent time editing my book’s outline. 

Although I didn’t get any of that done, the night is not yet over. In the meantime and between times, I trust God knows what he’s doing. He already mapped out my days before I could even count them. He knew how today was going to go and knows how tomorrow will be. 

Prayer: Good or bad, productive or not, I trust in you Lord to guide my steps and my journey. I ask for nothing knowing that I have everything I need. Thank you for always sticking by me, carrying me along the way. You didn’t have to do it but you did. I’m forever grateful for all you’ve done. In your son, Jesus name I pray, Amen. 

~ A.G.Rogers

(Instagram: @AndreaGees)

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