Having A Good Time versus Faking A Good Time…

I mean really. This problem is exactly why I don’t go out to clubs anymore. Apparently people have forgotten why they are called dance clubs. 

You’re supposed to DANCE! The clubs are for you to have a good time, mingle with friends, meet new people and dance to the banging boom of the beat. It’s not meant for being on your phone, crowd-surf-peeping to see who and what everybody else doing, Instagramming, Facebook Live, nor Snap Chatting the whole thing trying to perpetuate you’re having a “good time.” 

Instead, people need to just put down the phones, stop documenting everything and get out on the dance floor to DANCE & ACTUALLY HAVE A GOOD TIME! 

Otherwise, why bother going out in the first place!?! Until the style of “clubbing” changes, it will continue to go down the wormhole. That’s just my opinion. 

Well, mines and my friends. We are always bored at the club because it’s no longer fun. So, maybe I’ll just wait to party with the next generation. Maybe then the club atmosphere will be more about having fun and not the illusion of fun. 



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