Life Lessons: What It Means To Be Single Pt. 2

Many times we focus so much on why we are single, that we don’t focus on WHY WE ARE SINGLE??? Many times we tend to carry baggage from past relationships into new situations. Then wonder why we’re having the same problems!?

You can’t bring a bag of trash into a room full of treasure! Would you want someone tracking dirt into your clean home? Let’s start treating our hearts the same way. Just as we make sure our house is clean, make sure your heart is clean. 

Remove the bandages covering the scars from love lost, heartache & pain and allow yourself to fully heal from everything. Along with cleansing your body from all the impurities, dirt, and sweat that clogs the pores on your skin, make sure to detox your mind, heart and soul from all the negativity buildup of hurt, lies, cheating, deceit, depression, anger, etc. that you’ve faced. Only then can we truly be ready to endure & embrace the love God is going to provide us. 

You want Prince Charming, try putting on the glass slippers of healing, self-acceptance, self-love & self-appreciation 1st! 



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