The 2% Mindset…

I have the 2% Mindset! I have a vision & a dream. I am working towards greatness. I enjoy hanging out with friends, hosting parties, traveling, meeting new people, cooking & eating. With that in mind, I have goals I must achieve. 

With goals, comes responsibilities. I have a responsibility to myself to see my goals through. I have a responsibility to myself to stay focused & make my dreams come true. I have a responsibility to myself to work smarter. I have a responsibility to myself to be HAPPY! 

Until I reach my goals, I have no time to be side tract by fear, doubt, what everyone else is doing, regret, settling for less, playing it safe nor living a dull life.


I REFUSE to be in a “Comfort Zone” working a 9-5 job, just getting by making somebody else money, playing it safe, living with regrets. Nourishment of my soul, clarity of my mind, being creative, healthiness of my spirit are more important than being like everyone else & living a dull, regretful life. Since we are all made up of unique gooeyness, why is the “norm” embraced more!?

#SorryNotSorry but not everyone’s called to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Physicist, Plumber, Mechanic, Dentist, Teacher, Detective, Police Officer, etc. Some of us have another calling like Painter, Singer, Dancer, Poet, Chef, Writer, etc.

I wake up everyday happy, confident & excited because I’ve {FINALLY} embraced what God has shown my calling to be & am excited for the unknown path He’s taking me on. 

I pray that you who reads this finds the courage within to pursue your dreams & passions! #TrustYourJourney & Never give up even if your idea is considered “outside the box.” 



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