Anxiety Panic 101: Tips to Keep Calm & Carry On Productively…

I needed this right now. Some days you have to encourage yourself. 

When my anxiety levels flare and I am feeling intense pressure to get things right, to hurry up the process, to figure out things on my own, that’s the moment when I take a dew breath, say a quick prayer talking to My Father about what’s troubling me and I ask for guidance and a sense of peace of mind. 

It is then that I am reminded of all the times He’s had my back even when I thought He didn’t. I am reminded how far He’s already brought me. I slowly calm down and I relax knowing that I must continue to trust my journey. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes there’s a process. 

I will continue to walk in faith knowing that what God has for me, will be delivered to be when I least expect it – His time not my time! 


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