Is Waiting Better Than Settling??? 

The minute we stop loving is the minute we lose our humanity. We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all experienced heartache and pain. But let that not be the reason you STOP loving & instead let it be the reason you START making better choices! 

Women have an intuition; men have a gut feeling. You knew the wrong person wasn’t right for you the minute you let them into your presence. The problems we tend to make as human beings: we settle, we like a challenge and we like to make excuses. We are the only species that will compromise putting aside our hearts desire. 

Why? Fear, that’s why! 

We fear being ALONE because we’ve been conditioned to believe that when you’re “ALONE” you are “LONELY.” So we’d rather hold onto the WRONG PERSON instead of having the PATIENCE, SELF-LOVE, SELF-WORTH, DISCERNMENT & WILLINGNESS to wait on God to deliver the RIGHT PERSON! 

The patterns of Love and the rules of attraction will never change unless WE seriously want & work on them to change! Focus on The Creator & allow Him to mold you. If Jesus so willingly showed you how to LOVE, then FEAR of LOVE shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. 

Check ya palm pilot, get at ya girl in the mirror, holla at ya boy staring back & make a vow with yourself to STOP SETTLING FOR THE WRONG PERSON. Then work on getting your star player ready for the RIGHT PERSON!



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