Beliefs versus Behavior: What Makes You A Good Person?..

Many times I scroll through Instagram reading people’s beliefs, thoughts, opinions on matters of life. Yet it remains the same as Church. 

Like churches, social media is full of various people, doing the same things, flexing for attention with many not practicing what they preach. Everybody believing that what they do is righteous / justified because everybody else is doing it, because someone said so, because they read somewhere it was acceptable to do so, or they believe that what they say / portray to do makes them a better person. 

I’m not here to judge, I just ‘believe’ that “your beliefs don’t make you a better person; your behavior does!” 

They say Actions speak louder than words! I say, Show me a sinner & I’ll show you a mirror! 

I don’t post, spend time writing because it’s cool to do or it’s what everyone else is doing. I write my REAL life story. Unlike many who hide behind the truth by saying what they post doesn’t reflect who they are or what they’re going through, I ONLY write about things that I’ve PERSONALLY been through. 

Just like my posts, when the time comes, you’ll find that each character in my stories has a part of me in them. Just as I identify with people in the Bible like Job, Naomi & Joesph, I write because I’ve been through things many can’t even fathom a person going through especially in such a short amount of time of their lives; yet I’m still standing because of the grace of God. His mercy made me a Wounded Healer! 

I am a Wounded Healer! Not because I believe I am; but because I show it everyday in how I interact with the world. I willingly share my life story, my pain, loss,hurts, highs and lows with people who are going through things themselves with hopes that my story will help their journey. I share what it took for me to get back to sanity after I lost my mind.  I do it because I have conviction to do so. 

My Prayer: Dear God, May whoever reads this find the courage to let their actions speak louder than their words. May they have the strength and courage needed to show goodness to the world around them. Let their words be their hearts. Let it show to everyone they come in contact with. In Jesus name, I pray Amen. 

With Sincere Love,


(Instagram: @AndreaGees)

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