How To Become Your Biggest Cheerleader…

Everybody’s NOT going to believe in you & your dreams. It’s so sad & unfortunate that the people closest to us: parents, siblings, extended family, friends, coworkers, etc won’t believe in you. 

I know firsthand from experience. I’ve been my biggest cheerleader and supporter. I used to hate that my family & friends didn’t support me. I hated that they didn’t understand my vision, my dreams, my goals. 

However, then I read a story about how when Jesus went back home, after performing countless miracles, none of His family / friends / neighbors believed in Him. They still looked at Him as nothing special & didn’t believe in His vision, His goals, His plans for a better future. 

The lesson: know that it’s all preordained!

Whatever vision God gave you, was for you; not everyone else! It’s ok if people don’t believe in your dreams; believe in yourself! Know your worth. Validate yourself. Continue doing your work & trust your journey knowing that God ordered your steps long before you could even walk! 

So, worry less about who’s against you and focus on who’s for you! Celebrate your victories knowing that what God has for you, it is for you! 


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