Happy Valentine’s Day: My Funny Valentine…

Many times we underestimate the power of our pet’s love. Through everything I’ve been through, since I’ve met and adopted my baby Max from a rescue shelter back in 2010, he has been by my side. Through it all, he’s been my rock, my happiness and my joy. 

When I’ve cried in the late night hours, he’s come to give me a hug, lick my tears away or just lay by my side. I need not search for a Valentine when I already have mine. He just gets me. He’s silly like me, energetic like me, playful like me, loves to have his hair played in like me, moody like me, loves to sleep & dream like me and enjoys his independence like me.

Yup, that’s my baby Max-Christian! 

So I say to him, today and every day, Happy Valentine’s Day my love, my baby boy, my only child! Momma loves ya soooooo much! 


(Instagram: @AndreaGees)

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