5 Things To Stay Away From When Goal-Digging…

So I’ve been off all media for a quick minute while I’m super focused on getting this story together and it’s so strange to me how so many ex-boos, ex-dates, so-called friends are all of a sudden popping up out of the woodwork. I tell you, whoever reads this, #StayWoke & prayed up! The devil will try to throw you a fakeout real quick when he knows God is about to bless you!

#Sorrynotsorry but I have ABSOLUTELY no time nor energy to give to vultures who sense what God has working for me. Nope miss me with the 1-2 fakeout. You weren’t down with me, riding for me, loving me properly, supporting my dreams, praying for me before; so don’t try to hop on board now! I’m good! Continue to fake miss me while I’m going, going, gone to the top not thinking about you! 

Thank God for His strength in me because there was a time when those same people would’ve been able to sike my head up with the dumbness, but not today! Not in 2017! I’m too focused on myself & my goals to be bothered with your lack luster, leech sucking spirit & energy! 

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

I’m going back into my cloud writing what God placed in my heart and mind to write! I’ll get back to posting more soon but right now I have an itch that must be scratched! Shoutout to those who really show & support.


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