Dating In A Millennial World…

With all due respect to those millennial women who boldly hunt down men & chase after men; however,this millennial lady isn’t one to do that. Call me old fashioned but the Bible says “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.” Not the other way around. 

I’ve heard several guys say they’d rather a woman chase after them then them going after her. I personally think that’s just a lazy guy who doesn’t want to admit that they’re just not that into the woman. The reality is that anything worth having in life requires work and sacrifice. Along with that, people prioritize what / who they want. 

If a man truly desires a woman and believes that she’s the one, he’ll put in the necessary work to get her & win her heart. Otherwise, he’ll keep making excuses, keep bailing, keep “playing hard to get” until the right one comes along! 

Stay woke ladies!!! 


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