Lessons: What Makes You A Beautiful Person?..

This is such a true statement. There’s many pretty, sexy, handsome, cute people in this world but not enough beautiful people. 

Beauty is deeper than skin, it’s found in the heart! How warm, kind, considerate, compassionate, empathetic you are to another determines how beautiful you truly are. 

Money comes and goes. When you die, you cannot take it with you. What you do with your time here, how you choose to live your life, how happy you really are with the life you have is what makes you rich. 

Your Looks will fade, abs will wither away, tone may shrivel up, teeth may rot and fall out, eyes become hazy with old age, and everything that was tight & right will become gravity’s saggy fate. Your “what’s poppin’ days” will become yesterday’s news. 

All that is left is your heart. Just like your body, take care of your heart. Be careful what you put in it. Above all, be careful not to let heartaches make you bitter and into a bad person. The heart is what’s shown through the eyes. When you look into someone’s eyes, you see their soul. 

If I looked into your eyes, What will yours show?


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