Life Is A Battlefield: Is Your Key Player Ready For War…

When you’ve been under attack, God will send down a great warrior to defend His children! As I’ve been under attack lately, demons tugging & pulling at me left and right, trying to take me off my course; it’s My Guardian Angel, the Holy Spirit stepping in fighting for me. 

Today I needed the whole day for rest because I’ve been drained, exhausted in this tug of war fight. So many distractions out here. It’s a struggle because I want to please God. Though I pray everyday, study my Bible everyday, I sit and struggle sometimes with staying on course. I struggle sometimes with trusting God’s way of doing things. 

Why? Because it’s not on my time. It’s not moving how I’d like it to move. It’s not giving me the temporary fix that I feel like I need right now. 

Thankfully my Holy Spirit keeps fighting for me, keeps me going, keeps me focused and driven. He knows what God has for me. He knows God wants eternal for me. He knows what God has for me is so much better, more gratifying, & more permanent. 

So while I may struggle with doubt, stress, anxiety, concerns for the future /present things I cannot change, physical intimacy & sexual desires, I’m glad to know I’m blessed with angels guarding me, protecting me, fighting for me to continue moving forward, to push through! 

No man’s temptation is stronger than God’s destiny! My flesh may be weak but my Spirit is strong! 

So stay off my Instagram & phone if you’re temptation! I don’t need it and I don’t need you. God got me and I have all that I need! 


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