Equality = Equal Rights For All Who Aren’t Like Them…

The signs of our time . It’s ridiculous how there’s so much concern about women’s rights, transgender’s rights, LGBTQ  rights to do what we want with our bodies, and how we want to live our lives and yet so little concern about the real problems of the world and this country — starting with this horrendous President & his team! 

So sad how many racist, prejudice, bigots there are in America that elected this grown toddler to govern our country. All he’s done is undo what President Obama (arguably the best president this country’s EVER had) implemented during his 8 year tenure. 

This is making America great again– by going back to the Confederate States of America. Guess this is payback for electing a (in their opinion should be still Slave) Black Man into their White House. Job well done Mr. President.  



(Instagram: @AndreaGees)

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