With Friends Like These: What About Your Friends…

I know I’ve been a bit M.I.A. but I’m been working on a master plan that’s requiring a lot of time, focus & energy. However, through this journey I’m on, I’ve been really going through various moods of stress, anxiety, eagerness, writers block, intimidation, anger, frustration–you name it, I’ve been through it! 

This roller coaster of emotions have been surreal. At times when I feel like I have no support, it’s a blessing to know someone cares. When I was feeling like I was about to explode earlier this morning, thank God for sending the two unexpected people that stepped in to have my back. 

That’s real love & support right there! When you’re up at 4 o’clock in the morning upset, crying, praying, feeling overwhelmed, it’s at those times when God will step in and send a message that you need to hear. 

It was from those people that I got a message, an answer, about things I was praying about. There’s no way they knew my prayers, yet their messages of encouragement, support and love touched my heart. All I can say is thank God for them in that moment. 

Though I have faith, I trust my journey, believe God has my back, I am still human and susceptible to vulnerability. Even Jesus was preyed upon by the Devil while He was in His wilderness. 

I have no shame in admitting my weaknesses for I know that it’s in my weakness that God gives me strength. I know that my season of wilderness must be coming to an end and that God has something amazing in store for me because the Enemy keeps trying to attack me! 

Yet I’m still standing, still praying, still focused, still driven, still pushing and moving towards my destiny! 

Praise God for that because I remember a time when it wasn’t always that easy to keep myself going. I’ve been through the darkness and am walking towards the light. 


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