What Are “They” Really Praying About???

Don’t pray for my success, when you don’t believe in my dreams! This quote came to me at a time of frustration. Frustrated at how many people, like family and friends, say they pray for my success, yet they don’t even believe in my dreams. 

How can you believe I’ll succeed when you don’t even believe I have the capability to do so? 

Ponder on that for a moment then ask yourself this, what are THEY really praying for? It appears to me that if you don’t believe in my talents, you lack the capacity to pray for my success! 

The Lesson Learned: next time someone says they’ll pray for you, ask if they believe in you first. Then, watch their actions behind it. For every action, there’s an equal or opposite reaction. A person’s actions should match their words! 

If their actions and comments show “I don’t believe in you” or “I don’t want to buy your product, read your writings / book, listen to your music / singing, come to your show, buy your paintings, let you work on my hair/face/nails, carry your business card / promote you to anyone else, then THEY don’t believe in you. If someone believes in you, they’ll support you. It’s just that simple! 

Fret not too long. Yes, it’ll hurt to find out they don’t believe in you, they don’t support you. However, in the words of a friend of mine, let the hate push you to go harder for yourself! Prove the haters wrong. 

If they don’t support you, remember that. Take a mental note of those who really supported and those that fake supported because when the time comes for you to win, they’ll be the ones cheering you on, looking for a handout & can’t wait to brag about knowing you! 


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