What It Means To Be An Empath: Recognize Your Gift…

I’ve always had empathy in my heart for others. Allowing and accepting people for who they are came naturally to me. It’s through the grace of God that I was blessed with this gift called empathy. 

To be an Empath, is to embrace another’s hurt, pain, joy, sorrow, grief, love, success, laughs, hardships as your own. 

I’ve been put down many times before for having this gift so much that there even came a time when I once cursed it away. Thank God for His belief in me, shining even brighter in me, my ability to care for others, and love so hard that I embrace, accept them: flaws and all. 

I encourage you who read this to recognize, appreciate and be grateful for one another, your gifts, and doing His work taking everyday as the PRESENTS that they are! ~A.G.Rogers 

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