When “Sorry” Isn’t Truth: So What Does It REALLY Mean…

It’s ironic how people say or do things to hurt / cause harm to you and then turn around and say “Sorry” like that makes it magically disappear.

I’ve always been a proponent for “If you said it / did it, you meant it!” It just took that particular moment for your true feelings / intentions to come into fruition. Therefore, do not apologize to me after the fact. 

If it wasn’t “YOUR truth” about ME & MY LIFE, you would’ve never said it or did it. Keep your apologies! 

If you want someone to believe “that’s not how you REALLY feel” or “that you didn’t mean to do the hurtful things you’ve done” then don’t say / do them in the first place!

That should be Common Sense!..But I get it, sense isn’t so common after all!

Apologies are worthless but self-forgiveness for allowing that negative energy / experience to enter into your positive domain is rich in every way. 

So when someone hurts you, speaks lies about you, stabs you in the back, lies to your face or disrespects your trust, move forward letting go and allow God to handle them with their own karma! You keep shining and living your life thanking God for the blessing of unlocking that closet that was hosting that person’s real skeleton! ~A.G.Rogers 

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