Death Is Only The Beginning…

I didn’t understand this until now. I appreciate all that I’ve been through in my past. I may have lost a few soldiers along the way but I’ll see them again someday.

Death can be such a tragic heartache that feels like a never ending void. However what I’ve learned from the death of the two strongest people I knew, my grandmother and grandfather, is that sometimes things happen for a reason. Death has to come in order for life to occur.

It was hard to let my grandmother go be with our Heavenly Father and my grandfather, but it was through her sacrifice that I now have life. While I enjoyed my time with her and taking care of her, she knew I’d never let go and live my own life for myself. So she did the ultimate sacrifice of love: she let go for me to live! That’s the greatest gift any mother could give is the gift of life! 

So this day, I now have a different affirmation for letting go. I pray I lead by the examples shown by my ancestors and live a life worth living. ~A.G.Rogers 

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