When God’s Time Becomes Our Time…

Blossom where you grow. It took me some time to understand that instead of running away and wishing I could escape where I was, I should instead learn how to blossom where I am. 

It’s nice to get away, move away or dream of another place, but the biggest lesson is learning how to stay put, have patience, continue praying, learning and then blossom where you grow. It’s all about timing. 

His timing, not mine! I think sometimes we forget that. I know at least I do. I fall short of remembering it’s not about me and it’s not about when I want it and how I want it. It’s about when God says I’m ready for you to have it. Just because I may “feel” like I’m ready doesn’t mean He “thinks” I’m ready. He’s all knowing for a reason. I’m just a mere human mortal who lives in an age of “Right Now” instead of “Wait On It!” 

But I like my wounds, pray and continue to be patient allowing God to continue to work his magic on me and my future. When He’s ready to bless me with my wildest dreams, I’ll be waiting ready to embrak on that journey. Until then, I will continue to trust my journey. ~A.G.Rogers 

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