When ‘Go With The Flow’ Becomes Hard To Do…

Sometimes, I find it very hard to “go with the flow.” I tend to want things my way thinking my way is the best way. It’s a hard pill to swallow when I’m faced with a much bigger power than my own. To be in a space where I’m left feeling helpless and powerless because a Higher Power wants things to go His Way instead of to the tune of my own desires. 

However, I find when I’m faced with the challenge of “go with the flow” and I’m feeling frazzled and frantic, I have no choice but to turn to my scripture and pray hard about it. Luckily for me, I literally am glued to my bible everyday and night but that’s alright. Sometimes you have to attach yourself to the Word and allow it to use you, uplift you, and encourage you — especially if and when there’s no one else around to do those things for you. Encourage yourself is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned throughout this journey of mine. 

And after a long, at times short, talk with God about my anxieties, thoughts, fears, about my current life and path, I wait patiently (though slightly anxiously) for the Lord’s response. Sometimes it’s immediate, other times like now, I’m made to wait. 

The waiting can be a tricky thing. You feel like He doesn’t hear you or He’s not listening to you. You don’t know or understand why He just won’t magically appear and make all your dreams come true at that very moment. But I think that’s the whole test in the wait. It’s your ability to be resilient yet patient enough to wait. It’s the ultimate test of will you remain loyal and faithful to Him, your path and your calling while you wait on Him or will you waver like the sea and fall victim to the harsh currents that come your way. 

But I have a weird knack of faith. I believe so strongly that my waiting will not, cannot, be in vain. I know I’m meant to do great things and I know the Lord knows the desires of my heart. It may take a lot longer than I anticipated to get to the destination I’m heading, but I will remain silent and pray for the right flow to guide me on my way. 

Last word of advice: Stay Encouraged! 


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