Dreaming & Believing: How Far Have You Come?…

I believe in my dreams and abilities to go after them. But while I believe in my gifts, to be honest, it can be difficult at times to live like I’ve already reached my goals. That’s almost like an oxymoron. 

How can you live each day like you’ve already won yet when you look around, you don’t see the fruits of your labor. I spend so much time focusing on where I’m not yet that I tend to forget to enjoy and celebrate just how far I’ve come. I’ve grown a lot but I am still a work in progress. 

As I continue to move forward, I’ll continue to grow more and learn more. I believe in me but I believe more that God will govern my steps in the order they are meant to be. Only He can make His will be done! I’m just a vessel willing to do the work He’s tasked me to do.

You’re truly, 


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