The Power Of Your Presence: What It Means To Be A Witness…

I just read somewhere today, a pastor teaching the message of “You can’t be a leader and have a victim’s mentality.” Now for some reason, this message stood out to me, but not for the reason I’m sure she intended it to. 

My question / response to this immediately was “Why can’t you be a leader with a victim’s mentality?” I’d like to think that you can. You need to be able to identify with someone who has gone through something; otherwise, they’ll feel that you can’t relate to their pain, confusion or whatever kind of emotion they’re going through. If they start to feel that you can’t relate, then to them, you have nothing to say. Your message may become lost because it’s falling on deaf ears.

I myself am willing to say I’ve been a victim and have been through many things. Some too traumatic to talk about; yet I still do. Why? Because I believe that in sharing my story, it allows another to identify, relate, be encouraged and hopefully move on from whatever pain they’re experiencing. I hope and pray that my life lessons becomes a blessing unto others. 

So maybe it’s just an old school thing for pastors to teach that message; however, this new school woman believes it’s okay to be a leader of the victim crowd! 

We all have a story to tell. Let my story shine a light on someone else’s life today and everyday. May my struggles help someone else feel less alone. May someone hear my story and identify with something allowing it to transform them and be a blessing, lesson and tool in their life. In Jesus name, I pray, AMEN! 


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