Life Made You A Victim; God Made You A Conqueror…

As it pertains to my last post, this thing really seems to be stuck in my spirit tonight. I want whoever reads this to know that it’s okay to be a victim and a leader. 

We all have a story to tell, struggles to conquer, roads to walk, burdens to bare. Just because life may have made you a victim, doesn’t mean that you do not have the potential to rise up and be a leader, and more importantly, a conqueror! With God, you have the power to obtain every dream, create every avenue, overcome every downfall! 

Trust in Him, have faith in your capability to heal, strive everyday to achieve the level of happiness you so deserve and desire! Let no one make you feel less than you are just because you have been through some storms in your life. It’s okay to bare your life’s cross!!! 

It’s okay to cry those tears. It’s okay to take however long of the time that you need to heal. Your time = God’s time! And in that time, all things are possible! 

Believe it, trust in what I say for I speak from a place of truth and experience! Many people have tried to tell me how to handle my pain, how long I should grieve, how quickly I should heal from the hurts, pains, and lows life has thrown me. But I learned for myself that it’s not about anybody else’s time; it’s about MY TIME! Only I can live my life for me! Only I can know when my heart and mind are ready to heal and move on. I had to learn that and I learned it through taking my own spiritual, personal journey through scripture while taking all the time I needed to divulge in myself! 

So I pray whoever needs “Me Time” of healing & restoration, that you may receive it tonight! Let it out, do you, run that bubble bath, take that long shower, read a book, write that journal entry, pray, fast, eat, cry, bake, cook, do whatever you need to do for you to heal! In Jesus name, I pray Amen! 

With love, 


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  1. On point! Great advice 👍🏽


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