You Have A Gift: Learn To Enjoy Your Present…

Many times we get so caught up with paying attention to where we aren’t, that we forget to acknowledge where we are! Today’s lesson is a personal lesson for myself: focus on the now, accept what has been, rejoice for where you came from and don’t worry about when, if, where or how you’ll get to where you’re going. 

Just know that God orders all your steps and it’s in Jesus Christ who carries us through the path. Trust your journey; live your life in the now! 

Dear God, this is the biggest lesson I still haven’t mastered, but I pray you see me through to that victory! I’m trusting in you to grant me the inner peace I need to respect and appreciate the gift called NOW! This present you’ve laid out for me was predestined long before I came along to mingle in it. So please allow me to not get in my own way and to trust your judgement and process. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen! 



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