When Waiting Feels Like Abandonment, What Should You Do?

Have there been times where you’ve felt God has abandoned you? You’ve tried to keep the faith and hold steadfast to his word, believing that one day you’ll see a better day and then it doesn’t come?! I know I have. 

There’s been many times in my life where I’ve felt abandoned by God. When I lost my job, was homeless, had no money and no way of getting back to my parent’ house, had no food, had lost my mind, lost both my beloved grandparents, I definitely felt that God had abandoned me. We all go through those hard times where we feel alone. Even Jesus Christ called out, “God, why have you abandoned me?”

It’s a natural human thing to do / feel when you do not know God’s timing and when or if he’s working things out for your greater good. However, it’s in those times when you have to look at the blessings surrounding you daily. Taste and see how good God has already been by the blessings he’s already provided you with. 

You may not have all the money in the bank that you desire, but you are not like the beggars on the corner. You may not have all the yummy decadent foods your taste buds crave, yet you do not go hungry. You may not have all the fabulous garments that money can buy, but you do not go naked. You may not be able to pay all of your bills, yet you still have a home and job to get you by. It’s those basic needs of living that’s important to remember when times feel low. You may be waiting for a miracle / dream to come true (like I am) but you have to remain patient, diligent and thankful for the little that you have now. 

Rejoice for where you are while you wait for what’s to come. I know it seems easier said than done. However, I’m a living testimony that He can bring you out. He will deliver. He won’t let you down. I literally had nothing yet God turned it around. I was homeless and had no money to even get across country to my parent’s house, yet God provided a way back. I didn’t have any food to eat, yet God provided enough food to sustain me. I had lost my mind and wanted to end it all, yet God saw me and rescued me. 

So I know firsthand that it’s not easy being patient and waiting on the Lord. Some days seem longer than others and sometimes it can feel like hope is lost. Fret not dear friend, hold fast to what’s good. Know that God is matching our hard work each and every day. Have faith that when He knows we are ready for more, he will bless us abundantly. All you need is a little ounce of faith, prayer and determination for brighter days!

I pray today that we all remain focused on our journey. I pray that we continue to be reminded of God’s blessings each and every day. I pray that we continue to feel Christ’s love for us as we go to and from our daily destinations. I pray that we never forget the sacrifice made for us to live each day. I pray that we remain loyal to God and our calling knowing that we are not abandoned and that things happen on God’s time, not our own. I pray that we continue to be granted the strength we need to endure the tests, trials and daily temptations. I ask all these things, in Christ’s name, Amen. 

Sincerely with love,


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