When You Need Encouragement, Look No Further…

There are moments when you have to be your biggest cheerleader. There’s a time in your life when you have to sing, dance and smile your way through the rain. Clouds may come, but there’s going to be joy once the sunshine returns. You just have to stay committed to yourself and your goals. 

Stay focused even when you don’t feel like it. Stay driven even when the oil runs out. Stay passionate even when the sensation dies down. Stay motivated even when the fire cools off. You have to keep pushing yourself to get to the top. Know that God is making a way for you but you must stay steadfast in doing the work. 

Psalms 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” This does not mean stop what you’re doing and put in no work towards your calling / goals. This means silence the doubt in your mind and stay focused on the Lord and what’s good. You know He’s got your back because He’s ALWAYS had your back. 

Let him stress for you. Let him carry those heavy burdens for you. Let him clear away the doubt that clouds your mind. Your job is not to worry about the troubles of tomorrow. Your job is not to worry about how it’s going to happen. Just have faith and know that IT IS going to happen. 

As long as you keep doing your part in the work, God will do his. Patience and diligence is all it takes. Be persistent and consistent in your work. Encourage yourself and tell yourself “I Can Make It!” Believe me when I say the Lord is on your side. 

My prayer for today: Lord, may you give us the strength to carry on. May you continue to guide us on our path. May your mercy endure forever. The days that seem too cloudy and the rain just pours too heavy, may you be the beacon of light that we need to carry on. May you provide us with an umbrella of protection, joy, love and peace always and forever. The days that we wonder if you’re there, may you always remind us of your presence. I ask all these things in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen. 

Sincerely with love, 


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