How To Tell The Difference Between A Trap & A Blessing…

Many times we don’t see traps being set for us. Unlike birds, we fall right into them. I recently fell into two traps. They were set by two different people but with the same outcome. 

At separate times, I was dating two guys: one was Christian and one was Muslim. Although they had different backgrounds, came from two different cultures, it’s not until they ended that I realized they were the same type of guy… I had fallen into the same trap twice. 

Needless to say I was very frustrated at realizing this defeat. I’ve learned quickly, though not quick enough, that sometimes God allows these lessons to happen consistently until we learn the lesson. Unfortunately, I had to go through it twice. All traps are bad; however, traps set by the wrong people feel much worse — especially when it’s pertaining to matters of the heart. 

The fact that someone is playing a game with your heart and feelings is devastating to your well being. It can eat you up inside and make you feel like you’re not enough. You’ll start questioning yourself and judging yourself wondering “What went wrong?” and “How didn’t I see this coming?” 

Just know that all things happen for a reason. There’s nothing wrong with you! That person(s) just wasn’t the right fit for you. They just weren’t the Adam to your Eve (and vice versa). They weren’t who God meant for you to be with. Take the life lesson, be happy you dodged a bullet and continue on your path of happiness. Trust what God blocks is for your own good!!!

I know it’s not easy letting go, but once you learn and realize the patterns separating the good from the bad, you can readjust your senses to make better choices. I know all the fruit seen on the tree may look good but not every fruit in the tree is good. Some pieces are rotten. People are the same. Not every guy / girl you meet is the best choice for you. Some are from the bad batch and need to be thrown away. 

It’ll mean you’ll be single for a little while longer but there’s nothing worse than being in a relationship/ dating the wrong person. Life’s too short to be miserable just because you don’t want to be alone. Take the time of your single days and make them count. Work on yourself, follow a dream, achieve a goal, do whatever will make you happy. 

When the right person comes along, you’ll know it. Everything will be right and you’ll feel it in your heart & soul. The right person will guide you on the right path. The right person will pray for you and with you. The right person will help you be a better you. The right person will be giving, loving, uplifting, inspiring and a blessing to your life. They won’t make you change who you are. They would encourage you to love yourself and be a shining light. They would not make you question their agenda, motives nor loyalty. You will not need to change a thing about yourself. You will be just enough for them. 

My prayer for tonight is that you and I both find the inner strength to keep on keeping on. Don’t worry about the days, years and birthdays that may come and go. Stay patient, positive and diligent. I pray that you know your worth and that God continues to show nothing but true love. I pray that your days be filled with inner peace and happiness. When the right one comes along, I pray that it be everything you need and more. In Jesus name I pray, Amen! 

Sincerely with love, 


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