The Power Of Prayer…

When in doubt, pray. When in joy, pray. When in love, pray. When in peace, pray. When in fault, pray. When in trouble, pray. When in confusion, pray. When in anger, pray. When in happiness, pray. When in calm of the storm, pray. When sunny skies align, pray. 

The very best and least conversation you can have is with The Lord. It doesn’t take much. Just open your mouth, thank Him and tell him how you feel. He already knows but just like any parent, he doesn’t mind hearing about your day. So stop what you’re doing and tell him EVERYTHING! Trust me, he’s better than your best friend. 

I pray for you my friend today. May you keep me in your prayers as well. Prayers of love, peace and blessings. 

Sincerely with all my love,


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  1. Thank you for that little beautiful reminder ☺️


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