We Fall Down; But We Get Up…

We all fall short of God’s glory. Many times we think we know it all and can handle our own battles. 

I can admit that, at times, I try to handle things on my own, instead of allowing God to handle them for me. Wanting to be in control keeps me from relinquishing all rights and responsibilities over to God. I’ve given Him parts of my life that seem the most gruesome to deal with, yet the “lighter” things, I try to handle on my own. 

I know that God does not want that. He wants to be in control of our entire lives. While I may desire to serve wholeheartedly, I sometimes stumble and fall short of that goal. I sin just like everybody else sins. While I don’t take joy in declaring that, I know that I’m no different than anyone else. I’m the biggest sinner out there. However, I still try each and every day to live right according to Christ’s will, laws and teachings. 

I may fall short; however, it’s my job, just like it is yours, to get back up again, pray declaring your sins and try to serve God again. Never stay down. Never think you can’t be saved. Never think a problem is too big or too small for God. Let us all place our stresses, burdens and things we carry on God. Allow Him, the creator, to use the bad for the greater good of His kingdom. 

No one is super human, though many try to be. We all bleed the same blood. We all share in the same world. We all have our own roads to walk, crosses to bare. 

I pray that we all learn who the true Father is. I pray that we all learn to cast our doubts, worries and little stressors onto Christ. I pray that we have understanding according to His will. I pray that we who fall, have the courage to get back up again. I pray that we who sin, establish a spirit of discernment knowing God’s will is the only way. I pray that we all find peace of mind, body and spirit today and thereafter. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen. 


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