How Knowing You Means Loving Me…

“For I have come to you in my Father’s name, and you have rejected me. Yet if others come in their own name, you gladly welcome them.”John 5:43 NLT

My Poem Of Truths:
When I met you, I didn’t know you. 

I had just gotten out of a relationship. 

Yet, through my brokenness, you wanted to comfort me. 

I hadn’t known a love like this. 

Quickly, I clung to you.  

Desperately needing someone to hold onto. 

You picked me up, dusted me off,

Said you’d always be there to catch me when I fall. 

The beginning wasn’t easy,

You didn’t move the way I moved about so freely. 

Sometimes I’d question your loyalty,

When it felt like you were bailing on me. 

I thought You had stopped taking my calls, 

But thankfully, your love remained, 

Seeing through all my flaws. 

I’d smile and laugh at my foolishness.  

The kid inside of me too quickly panicked with anxiety. 

I’m glad your love decided to mend my fences, 

Forcing me to come to my senses.

Everyday I grow,

Realizing you’ll never let me go.

Falling deeper in love, 

I know now this was sent from above. 

You helped me know me, 

Accepting who I was meant to be. 

So, I pray for eternity, 

That your love will continue to flow from inside of me.



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