Battling the Mind Is An Exhausting Feat…

I read this anonymous quote today and found it to be a profound account of my life. Daily, I go through battles of the mind and the heart along with faith and reality. My studies in scripture and my beliefs tell me to trust God, focus on Christ and have faith that all will turn out well in the way that it should go. Yet, my circumstances have me seeing a different reality. 

So how does one keep holding onto faith when their reality is showing them they’re not so lucky? 

As I wrote before in a previous post, it’s a constant thought that plagues my mind everyday. I do not pretend to have the answer. I am not a priest, pastor nor guru. I do not have the complex, stronghold faithful knowledge and full understanding of the universe as many preachers do. I am simply a young woman trying to figure out my life in hopes for a better, happier, more promising and fulfilled future. 

Some day I hope to achieve true harmony within myself. Until then, I’ll just get through the rest of my twenties learning every day how to be a better me and a true master of my mind.

Sincerely & always my truth, 


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