Little Things Come In Mighty Packages…

Good morning. God is a good God. I’m so blessed and thankful for his grace and mercy. Surely you should be as well. 

““If I were you, I would go to God and present my case to him. He does great things too marvelous to understand. He performs countless miracles. He gives rain for the earth and water for the fields. He gives prosperity to the poor and protects those who suffer. He frustrates the plans of schemers so the work of their hands will not succeed. He traps the wise in their own cleverness so their cunning schemes are thwarted…He rescues the poor from the cutting words of the strong, and rescues them from the clutches of the powerful.” (Job‬ ‭5:8-13, 15‬ ‭NLT‬‬) 

I pray that you not worry about today, tomorrow or your future. May you learn to pray to God for everything. He’s your Father and creator. Get to know him as you do your earthly parents. Tell him what’s on your mind speaking to him just as you would your earthly Father. He loves you and accepts you just the way you are. Remember you are his and He is yours. Trust in Him to provide everything you need just as he does the trees, animals, and rivers of the Earth. When the time is right, you will reap what you sow. Just trust and believe in your journey. In Jesus name I pray Amen. 

Sincerely with love,


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  1. Amen! Thank you for this early morning message to get my day started 😊


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