Signs By God: Where Can They Be???

What are the odds that I’d wake up today to this scripture on my phone by the Youversion bible app!?! I’ve had this scripture hanging on my wall above my door all year long. Many times I’d find myself just staring up at it and thanking God for the message. I even found myself looking at it before saying a prayer and going to bed last night. 

I believe in signs! God will use various ways to get His message across. He will answer your prayers in many simple and sometimes unconventional ways. It may come from a strange encounter with someone you don’t know, it can come from a conversation with friends / loved ones, scrolling through emails / messages or Instagram, it can pop up in a book you’re reading, you could hear a whisper from a small voice inside of you telling you which way to go, etc. There are so many ways God can send you a message or answer to your prayers. You just have to listen and pay attention! 

For me, I know this is a sign from the Lord above. I know what I’ve been talking to him about and He knows my innermost deepest thoughts. All I can say is thank you God for the blessings I have and for what I will receive. I have faith so I move forward believing that it will come to pass. My hard work will pay off. I give all praise and honor to God for what’s about to come. 

My prayer today is of thanksgiving and mercy. May each person who reads this, and heeds the message,  receive what they are praying for. May their hard work bring joy and honor to God. May they feel a sense of renewed faith in your Holy Spirit. May they know all things will work out for the good of the Lord. May they rejoice knowing that what’s to come will be so much better than what they’ve lost. In Jesus name I pray Amen. Go in peace my friend. 

Sincerely with love, 


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  1. This one really resonates with me! Thank you 😊


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